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Game Description:

Ready to manage your Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game? This is your chance! Fantasy World Online Tycoon is a game which will let you build and control any aspect of a MMORPG. Build spawns of Monsters, select their level, their aspect, and the area where they will move, create Quests, decide their level, and rewards, build great Scenarios where your players will be amazed. Change the costs of Potions, Trainers for special abilities and Upgrade for their equipments to control the game Economy. Evolve your game creating different and new complete customizable areas and deep dungeons. 
Don't forget to manage your Company hiring specialists in research and development, Technology, Client support and Marketing! Face crisis for Bugs, Cyber Attacks and Server failures, don't let your users run away! 

You will start in a flat world randomly generate and few buildings in order to create the first section of you game. Be aware to make the experience of your players fun.... not too easy and not too hard, they will play using their small but smart AI, looking for monsters, treasure, exploring the map. The Players will grow up leveling in the game, and they will be able to select their preferred class between Mage, Warrior, Rouge and Cleric and you must provide them the right building in order to make them train their special abilities. See them becoming experts and unlock additional classes! 

This is the game i always wanted to play... now i programmed it for all the Tycoons fans out there like me, ENJOY!

Technical Info:
Supported Languages: Italian, English
- Windows 7 or more // MacOs Sierra or more (32 and 64-bit supported)
- 4 GB RAM
-  Discrete graphics card, support for OpenGL
- 100 MB Disk Space
- Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_71) or more installed

Installation Info:
Unzip the game and double click on the FantasyWorldOnlineTycoon.jar file. 
Alternatively use  the launcher_mac.sh (MacOS) or launcher_win.bat (Windows) to run the game.

Early Access Info:

The game is fully playable and complete in "free mode" where survive and prosper is the main objective. Currently i'm working on adding a "missions mode" where there will be objectives for the player to fulfill with particular scenarios!

The idea is to add a mission "tree" where each node will be a mission which will be unlocked if the previous ones are completed. 
The mission will be similar Rollercoaster tycoon/Planet coaster style, where three levels of objectives must be fulfilled in order to complete the mission. 
Example of objective can be: reach a certain number of subscribers, a certain level of happiness, repay an initial loan, but also having a certain number of mages or bring players to the maximum level in a certain time. I'm still working on those and I will appreciate any suggestion. 

Please contact me for any suggestions or problems at fantasyworldonlinetycoon@gmail.com and visit the game Facebook page.

Download demo

FWOT_win_demo.zip 144 MB
FWOT_mac_Demo.zip 141 MB

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